Essentially we offer two kinds of walking holiday Guided and Self-Guided Walking Holidays. Both types are pretty self-explanatory, but we thought it would be worth discussing what each actually means when you are on a Footscape walking holiday.

Self-Guided Walking Holidays in Dorset

By far the majority of our walkers opt for a Self-Guided holiday which provides them with the freedom to explore at their own pace. We always provide a detailed walking guide to keep them heading along the right path, but they can take as long as they want to complete the walk. Not only that, our walking guides are packed full of detailed information on the area you are walking through, so you can take as much time as you want to see what is of interest to you. Footscape sample trail guide

Walking in Dorset should not be a route march, it is a walk through beautiful rural scenery or dramatic coastal vistas, so you should definitely enjoy this walk at your own pace and when you are self-guided you can do exactly this.

One of the other joys of walking through Dorset is when you are feeling a little peckish you can stop at some of the many wonderful pubs and restaurants along the way. With our walking trails we will make sure you know where all the good places are and you can choose which suits best. Dorset food and Drink.

All Footscape holidays are tailor-made for our walkers so we will write your walking trail to meet your needs. If you would like long or short walks each day, that is no problem at all. We are from Dorset and have lots of local knowledge to write your trail stages accordingly.

Guided Walking Holidays in Dorset

If you would prefer a walking guide to accompany you on your walk, that is no problem at all. We’ll meet you every day at your accommodation and show you where to walk and what are the interesting landmarks on the way, whether these are historical, geological or just interesting.

If you would like to discuss your perfect walking holiday in Dorset with us please phone us on 01935 817618 or e mail on 07825 720780.