Environmental Policy

Footscape walking holidays and heritage tours, by their very nature, promote an appreciation of the natural and cultural heritage of Dorset. We are extremely lucky to be based in an area of outstanding natural beauty, which already has stringent controls on what human beings can and cannot do there.

Our holidays

To further the need to protect the biodiversity, fauna and flora of the countryside, along with the cultural heritage of the area in which we operate, we provide all our clients with a copy of the Countryside Code, as well as our own detailed guide books on the history, geography and legends of key places along our trails.

Wherever possible we choose accommodation providers who are either in the Green Tourism Business Scheme or who comply to most of the key criteria: low energy use, comprehensive recycling and use of local or home-grown produce.

We are also very conscious about the need to minimise the use of private transport. Therefore we have designed more and more independent walking holidays where only occasional use of public transport is required, and where there is no need for a private car or Footscape vehicle.

By providing dedicated services, we actively encourage families to book a holiday with us and so discover the Jurassic Coast World Heritage Site and other unspoilt parts of Dorset, in order to foster or develop an early enjoyment of nature amongst children.

We support a number of trusts or charities that are dedicated to preserving the natural or cultural sites within the region.


  • a silver award under the Green Tourism Business Scheme
  • a certificate under the Jurassic Coast Quality Business Scheme
  • a certificate of Welcome Customers in the Hospitality, leisure, Travel and Tourism Industry
  • a certificate of Welcome Host Jurassic