With half of Dorset boasting outstanding natural beauty and the miles and miles of sandy beaches and history going back to prehistoric times, Dorset is a great place to live and visit. So, if you are here for a holiday or you are lucky enough to live here actually live here, Dorset has plenty of things to see and do this summer.

Footscape who provide holidays throughout Dorset have put together a list of the top ten things to do and see in Dorset this summer.

  1. Lulworth Cove & Durdle Door

With its perfectly shaped bay and the Dorset crumple, Lulworth makes the perfect destination for anyone who wants to walk along this part of the Jurassic coast. Combine that with the iconic Durdle Door just a short walk away and this is a perfect place to visit.

  1. The Tank Museum

This unique collection of over 300 vehicles is regarded as the best in the world and includes the world’s first ever tank – Little Willie, the feared German Tiger tank and the modern Challenger 2.

  1. Studland Beach

With a wonderful sandy beach and crystal clear safe bathing this is a perfect destination for the family. Combine this with its Second world war history, Fort Henry and its 12th century church this is fascinating place to visit.

  1. Corfe Castle

One of Britain’s most iconic castles, playing a significant role in the English Civil War.

The castle has over 1000 years of history as a royal palace and fortress including  tales of blood and treachery.

  1. Fossil Hunting

Around Lyme Regis and Charmouth the layers of sedimentary rock along the Jurassic Coast can be read like a book. They reveal the history of Earth across 185 million years and form a near complete record of the Triassic, Jurassic and Cretaceous periods. Fossil hunting around this area can provide the visitor with some excellent finds.

  1. Old Harry rocks

Walking along Ballard Down the visitor will find the stack of old Harry standing tall in the sea just off Studland. During the second half of the sixteenth century, the waters around Old Harry, between Swanage and Poole, was among the most frequented pirate anchorages in Britain

  1. Cerne Abbas

No one quite knows the exact history of the Giant many theories surround the giant’s identity. Was it an ancient symbol of spirituality, Hercules , or a mockery of Oliver Cromwell? Local legend has it that it was an aid to fertility. Whatever the truth at 180 feet he strikes an imposing hill figure, the largest in Britain.

  1. Forde Abbey

A beautiful 900 year old family home which started life as monastery until the dissolution of the monasteries in 1539. The abbey’s kitchen gardens provide fruit and flowers for the house and tea rooms for much of the year. With over 30 acres to explore there is lots to see and do.

  1. Athelhampton House

Athelhampton was built in 1485 and originally sat in 160 acres of deer park. The gardens are full of variety with a mixture of formal gardens and woodland scenes. The house was regularly visited by Thomas Hardy and his father worked on building works on formal gardens and the estate.

  1. The Fleet

The Fleet lagoon which is 18 miles long and is bordered by Chesil beach which is said to contain over 180 billion pebbles and provides an excellent breeding ground for many birds and plant species. The lagoon is an important area for wildlife protected by a number of national and international designations.


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