walking holidays UK Lyme Regis   Many people like to walk the Jurassic coast or the Dorset countryside in the spring and the summer and why not, the coastal path provides one of the most beautiful walks in the UK and in the summer, it truly glorious. But walking in the winter can be the perfect time to enjoy Dorset’s glorious countryside. In Tony Fincham’s book ‘Hardy’s landscape revisited’ he concludes his introduction by advising his readers: “When is the best time of year to follow these walks? Probably winter or early spring for then, although the going is likely to be muddy, the views are at their best, the crops minimal, and the trees denuded of foliage allow buildings to be seen more clearly and whole landscape vistas open before your eyes.” One definite upside to walking at this time of year can be the opportunity to enjoy the abundance of wildlife to see: rabbits, deer, foxes, squirrels, pheasants, buzzards and many other fauna. The paths and tracks are usually deserted, and you are left to enjoy the peacefulness and beauty of the landscape on your own. Indeed, what greater pleasure can there be there than to take a long walk in the frosty countryside with a stop at a wonderful village inn with a roaring fire and hearty food to enjoy. Dorset’s village inns are right up there for that wonderful experience and many of them have histories that go back hundreds of years. One other thing to consider is the natural light, which is quite different to other seasons of the year.  You can get crystal clear skies which give an amazing clarity to your photos. Or perhaps a misty fog swirling evocatively across the cliffs at West bay or Ballard Down.   Maybe a rosy dawn breaking over the Cobb in Lyme Regis… Finally, if it’s the weather that’s stopping you getting out to enjoy Dorset’s beautiful countryside remember the famous quote by that legendary walker Alfred Wainwright “There’s no such thing as bad weather just unsuitable clothing”